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Relevant industry experience

Definition (1):

Relevant industry experience, experience in the same industry as an entrepreneur’s current venture that includes a network of industry contacts and an understanding of the subtleties of the industry. It has an impact on an entrepreneur’s ability to successfully launch and grow a firm.

Definition (2):

When an applicant applies for a job and the job circular asks for relevant industry experience, it means that the applicant should have experience of working in the same industry, the employer belongs to.

This experience helps entrepreneurs and employees in the following ways:

  • It helps the entrepreneurs to successfully launch as well as grow a business.
  • It helps the employees to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.
  • It helps the entrepreneurs to solve different problems successfully.
  • It also helps the employees to solve different problems successfully.
  • It helps the entrepreneurs as well as the employees to develop a network of industry contacts.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The company has published job circulars in different newspapers and online job portals and asked for 4 years of relevant industry experience there along with other requirements.
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