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General Definition

A report is a formal document that states the business or event concerned in fine detail keeping a close focus on the necessary points.

Report means an orderly, objective message used to convey information from one organizational area to another or from one institution to another to assist in decision making or problem-solving. Reports are usually composed for publication or future research.

Definition in Education

In education, the report is the written statement or documentation prepared by the teachers of the student’s performance at school to inform the parents about their children’s progress in studies, extracurricular activities etc. They are often called “repot cards”.

Definition in Journalism

In journalism, a report is a verbal or written statement of a situation in detail to be published in a newspaper or periodical or be broadcast on TV. These reports are often called “news reports” and the conveyer of the message are “reporters” or “news reporters.”

Definition in Law

In the language of the law, a report is a detailed formal document stating a case as heard in court; especially, composed for publication.

Definition in Weaponry

In the formal language of weaponry, a report would be a sudden loud noise of a shot fired or an explosion.

Report as a Verb

As a verb, “to report” is letting someone know about some information or development that is new.


Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • The news report on the increased environmental tax has been a welcome surprise.
  • Report cards do not reflect the potential of a child, only the aptitude of his/her teachers.


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