Retail Banking

Generally banking firms that provide banking services to individuals (households) and small business, is called retail bank, also known as Consumer Banking. Retail banks collect deposit from households and provide services of checking account; bill payment, opening new account, investment services loan application and approval, debit/credit card issue, car loan etc.

According to Peter S. Rose, “Retail bank means consumer oriented banks that sell the majority of their services to households and smaller business”

According to L.M. Bhole, “Retail banking means transactions with customers of smaller means, i.e. small checking account, consumer credit, holding of saving deposits, or sale of certificate of deposit in small holding of individuals.”

According to Meir khon, “Bank that does business primarily with households and small firms is called retail bank. Consequently its deposits are small and its opportunities for making loans are limited. It has no direct access to large, credit worthy borrowers.”





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