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Staff manager

Definition (1):

A manager who assists and advises line managers having staff authority is called a staff manager.

These managers generally run departments that are advisory or supportive, like purchasing, human resource management, and quality control. This distinction makes sense as long as the “staff” department is, in fact, purely advisory.

Human resource managers are usually this type of manager. They assist and advise line managers in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation.

Definition (2):

“Person who heads a revenue consuming department (such as accounting, customer service, human resources) which serves the line managers of the organization in an advisory or support capacity by providing them with information and advice.” Generally, these managers do not make any operating decisions.

Definition (3):

Staff manager is the executive who provides information, advice, or technical assistance to aid line managers; does not have the authority to give orders outside his or her own department or to compel line managers to take action.

Use of the term in Sentences:

  • Jim has joined the company as a staff manager.
  • The new staff manager is efficient and effective for completing the projects on time.
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