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Staffing is the function within an organization responsible for recruitment, screening and selection of employees. Oftentimes, this function may also be responsible for other areas of employment, such as orientation, retention, training and termination of staff.

Staffing is the management function that attempts to attract good people to an organization and to hold onto them. Staffing is concerned with locating prospective employees to fill the jobs created by the organizing process. Staffing involves the process of reviewing the credentials of the candidates for the jobs and trying to match job demands with the applicants abilities.

Staffing also involves the development and implementation of a system for appraising performance and providing feedback for performance improvement, as well as determining the proper pay and benefits for each job. Many aspects of the staffing function are the responsibility of the personnel department — a staff department most likely to exist in an organization large enough to support such a specialized group.

The management function of selecting, placing, training, developing, and compensating subordinates.

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