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Stress interview

Definition (1):

A stress interview refers to an interview in which the applicant is made uncomfortable by a series of often rude questions. This technique helps identify hypersensitive applicants and those with low or high-stress tolerance.

Definition (2):

“The term stress interview is used to describe a technique that deliberately places the job candidate in a stressful situation to observe how the candidate reacts during the job interview.”

Definition (3):

A stress interview puts an interviewee in an unpleasant or awkward situation and throws them off balance.

This interview is planned to discover how an applicant performs under pressure, handles stress, and deals with workplace conflict. Because some jobs need employees working under pressure, and some employers simply like to see how candidates answer stressful questions. The stress on a candidate may be so simple as to make the candidate wait unnecessarily for the interview to begin or to make her/him hurry to her/his appointment. Again, the interviewer can try to create stress in the process of the interview. It can be done by arguing with the candidate, or by showing a rude attitude towards the interviewee.


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