Summary Report

Summary Report is a report that summarizes data from several transactions and presents the results in a condensed document. This is often one of the Excel Sheet deliverables in MIS (Management Information System). A summary report is a report in the datasheet where there is a goal to summarize some or all the data.

These reports are different in the sense that they always have one or more summary columns in them summing up the data in other columns. Totals, averages etc. are examples of these columns. Any report containing any such summarizing columns would be a summary report.


For example, service providers have to make summary reports for the buyers after every purchase so that the services received and the account payables can be summarized so that the client can process the data easily. If they provide a written report, that would take too much time to decode so datasheets are always a good idea to opt for this kind of report. 


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • The report can have any number of columns but the summary columns make it a summary report.
  • Summary reports can concise an elaborate amount of data as per the requester’s convenience.
  • The committee joined the annual conference to discuss the summary report submitted by the overseas contractor.


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