Support refers to

1. The action of a force that aids, protects, complements, or sustains another force in accordance with a directive requiring such action.  

2. A unit that helps another unit in battle.  

3. An element of a command that assists, protects, or supplies other forces in combat.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Support
- The act, state, or operation of supporting, upholding, or sustaining.
- That which upholds, sustains, or keeps from falling, as a prop, a pillar, or a foundation of any kind.
- That which maintains or preserves from being overcome, falling, yielding, sinking, giving way, or the like; subsistence; maintenance; assistance; reenforcement; as, he gave his family a good support, the support of national credit; the assaulting column had the support of a battery.
2. Support
- To bear by being under; to keep from falling; to uphold; to sustain, in a literal or physical sense; to prop up; to bear the weight of; as, a pillar supports a structure; an abutment supports an arch; the trunk of a tree supports the branches.
- To endure without being overcome, exhausted, or changed in character; to sustain; as, to support pain, distress, or misfortunes.
- To keep from failing or sinking; to solace under affictive circumstances; to assist; to encourage; to defend; as, to support the courage or spirits.
- To assume and carry successfully, as the part of an actor; to represent or act; to sustain; as, to support the character of King Lear.
- To furnish with the means of sustenance or livelihood; to maintain; to provide for; as, to support a family; to support the ministers of the gospel.
- To carry on; to enable to continue; to maintain; as, to support a war or a contest; to support an argument or a debate.
- To verify; to make good; to substantiate; to establish; to sustain; as, the testimony is not sufficient to support the charges; the evidence will not support the statements or allegations.
- To vindicate; to maintain; to defend successfully; as, to be able to support one's own cause.
- To uphold by aid or countenance; to aid; to help; to back up; as, to support a friend or a party; to support the present administration.
- A attend as an honorary assistant; as, a chairman supported by a vice chairman; O'Connell left the prison, supported by his two sons.
Category: Defense Terms
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