Vestibule Training

Definition (1):

This is a  training method in which trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they will use on the job, but are trained off the job (perhaps in a separate room or vestibule). Vestibule training is necessary when it’s too costly or dangerous to train employees on the job.

Definition (2):

This training is conducted in a simulated work environment complete with sample equipment.

Definition (3):

This form of training trains the staff who will handle the machinery and tools on the job. The training is planned in a different setup, not in the actual production plant. This training is also called “near the job training”. Some specialists or special trainers train the technical staff which reduces the line manager’s pressure who will actually manage the whole production process.   

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • The company has arranged vestibule training in a classroom.
  • The vestibule training emphasizes on learning, not on the production.
  • Only large companies can arrange vestibule training because those are costly.
  • Large companies arrange vestibule training while launching new technology.
  • The company has appointed a specialist for training the staff in the vestibule training.
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