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Voucher Register & Check register

What is a Voucher Register?

An employee in accounts payable records the voucher which in a journal called a voucher register and files it according to the date on which it is to be paid. The company issues and sends a check on that date, and stamps the voucher paid.

Definition 2:

The voucher register refers to a journal recording all approved vouchers. Thus, the management can access and look up the vouchers at any later date. The bookkeepers enter all the vouchers into this register before they enter those vouchers into the accounting system’s any other part. So, often it is known as the book of original entry.

What is a Check Register?

An employee in the accounting department receives the paid voucher and records it in a journal called the Check Register.

Definition 2:

A check register refers to the journal used for recording all the checks, payments of cash, and cash outlays during a period of accounting. It is also known as a cash disbursement journal.

Generally, it has columns including the check number, dates, account names used, payee, and the debit and credits related to the transaction. The book-keepers record transactions in this register before they post the business transactions to the general ledgers and other ledgers related to the transactions.

The voucher register & check register hold great importance in the accounting system.

Use of the term in Sentences:

  • The bookkeepers are recording all the business transactions carefully to the voucher register & check register.
  • The professor is discussing the importance of voucher register & check register in the accounting class.


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