Wholesale Bank

Bank that provides services to large corporation is called wholesale bank, and the function of these banks is called whole sale banking. The customers of these banks are small, medium and large scale enterprises industry private & public sector firms, and multinational companies.

According to Peter.R.Rose,  “Wholesale bank mean large metropolitan banks that office provides financial services to corporations and other large institutions”.

According to Benton E.Gap & James W. Kolar, “Wholesale banks indicate specialized banks that deal almost exclusively with medium and large size business”

It is narrated in the Oxford dictionary of finance and banking, “Wholesale banking means interbank lending, as well as lending to or other large financial institutions, pension funds, and government agencies. In the U.S.A wholesale banking also refers to the provision of banking services to large corporate business at special rates.”

In the process of modern technological development, wholesale banks provide services to all catagories of commercial customers, government institutions, and MNCs using the modern technology.

Wholesale bank is the large metropolitan banks that offer financial services, mainly to corporations and other large institutions.

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