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Ability is can be defined as aptitude or competence, the skill or proficiency needed to perform certain tasks.


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  • Deficiency
    Deficiency is an error of omission when a job description or specification fails to incorporate important aspects of the job that are required for success.
  • Vacation buy-back plan
    Vacation buy-back plan is a program that allows an employee to sell back to the employer any unused vacation time balances.
  • Veterans Employment Opportunities Act
    Veterans Employment Opportunities Act This statute extended the affirmative action and reporting responsibilities of federal contractors and subcontractors
  • Cross training
    Cross training is the process of developing a multi skilled workforce by providing employees with training and development opportunities to ensure they have the skills
  • Organizational unit
    Organizational unit is an organizational unit is any component that is part of the contractor's corporate structure. In a more traditional organization, it might be a
  • Payroll records
    Payroll records refers to documentation created and maintained by the employer, which contains information regarding hours worked, salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses
  • Early Retirement Window
    early retirement window arrangements for specific employees (often age 50-plus). Early retirement window refers to a type of offering by which employees...