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Acceptability refer to the joint operation plan review criterion for assessing whether the contemplated course of action is proportional, worth the cost, consistent with the law of war; and is militarily and politically supportable.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Contractor management
    Contractor management is the oversight and integration of contractor personnel and associated equipment providing support to the joint force in a designated operational area.
  • Common-user airlift service
    Common-user airlift service refers to the airlift service which is provided on a common basis for all Department of Defense agencies and, as authorized, for other ...
  • Contingency contract
    Contingency contract refers to a legally binding agreement for supplies, services, and construction let by government contracting officers in the operational area as well as ...
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    Aeromedical evacuation control team— A core team assigned to a component-numbered air force air operations center air mobility division that provides operational planning...
  • Accompanying supplies
    Accompanying supplies mean unit supplies that deploy with forces.
  • Air supremacy
    Air supremacy is that degree of air superiority wherein the opposing force is incapable of effective interference within the operational area using air and missile threats.
  • Chemical hazard
    Chemical hazard— any chemical manufactured, used, transported, or stored that can cause death or other harm through toxic properties of those materials, including ...