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Generally all the activities of a bank is called banking. In a broader sense, banking is the summation of financial services like collection of deposits from people, collect cheques, grant loan, transfer money, invest fund, safeguards money for its customers, etc. Some

Definitions of banking are as follows:

  • “Banking means the accepting, for the purpose of lending or invest of deposits or money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise, and withdrawanable by cheque, draft, order or otherwise“.

                                                                 Indian company act  1949,section5(1)

  • Banking means the activities undertaken by banks: this includes personal banking and commercial banking, and corporate banking”.

                                                                 Oxford dictionary of finance and banking

            From the analysis of above definitions it can be said banking is the business of providing financial services to the private individuals, corporations, government agencies, business and industries.

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