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Business process reengineering

  A  popular method by which organizations worldwide undergo restructuring efforts to remain competitive.  It involves fundamental rethinking and radical redesigning of a business process so that a company can best create value for the customer by eliminating   barriers that create distance between employees and customers.

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    Strategies refers the plans for how an organization will do what it’s in business to do, how it will compete successfully, and how it will attract
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    Small companies, at least the better ones, usually thrive because they serve narrow market niches. This is usually called market focus, the extent to which a business concentrates on a narrowly defined market.
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    Credibility in terms the degree to which followers perceive someone as honest, competent and able to inspire.
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    Other companies use an arrangement that eliminates artificial geographic barriers. This type of MNC is often called a transnational,
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    Esteem needs- a person’s needs for internal esteem factors, such as self-respect, autonomy and achievement, and external esteem