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Cash Discount

Cash Discount is a discount given to buyers for cash rather than credit purchase.

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  • Marked to market
    Marked to market is a revaluation of contracts using the closing price for the day.
  • Factor income
    A component of the current account is factor income, which represents income received by investors on foreign investments in financial assets.
  • Clearing House
    A clearing house is an institution set up by the bankers of each town, for the purpose of setting and clearing their reciprocal debts, by...
  • Crawling peg
    Crawling peg refers to a foreign exchange rate system in which the exchange rate is adjusted very frequently to reflect prevailing rate of inflation.
  • Avalisation of a Bill (Aval)
    Avalisation of a Bill (Aval) is a bank’s guarantee to honour payment of a Bill of Exchange. An irrevocable, unconditional promise to pay on the due date.
  • Warehouse to Warehouse
    Warehouse to Warehouse insurance coverage of international cargo from exporter’s warehouse to importer’s warehouse.
  • Inter corporate deposits
    Inter Corporate Deposits is to deposit another company not more than one month on 12% to 15% interest.It is easy to convert cash but having more risk.