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Cash Discount

Cash Discount is a discount given to buyers for cash rather than credit purchase.

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  • Beta-co-efficient
    Fluctuations of the price of any company's share than the average change of total share-value of the market is called Beta-co-efficient.
  • Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
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  • OCDEX Rules
    OCDEX Rules is ICC Rules for Documentary Credit Dispute Resolution Expertise. Rules for disputes related to documentary credits.
  • Account reconciliation
    A checking feature that provides a record of which of the firm’s checks gave been paid by the bank.
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    In today’s dollarized world with huge international trade exchange of currency has become inevitable. In fact the international trade volume has increased...
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  • Blue Chips
    Blue Chips are shares in leading quoted companies that can be easily bought and sold without influencing their price (liquidity) and are regarded