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Cash Discount

Cash Discount is a discount given to buyers for cash rather than credit purchase.

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  • Swap Transactions
    A swap transaction involves a spot transaction along with a corresponding forward contract that will ultimately reverse the spot transaction. Many forward contracts are negotiated for this purpose.
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    Deposit rate ceiling is the restriction on the maximum interest rate payable on deposits.
  • Consular Invoice
    Consular Invoice is a specifically printed invoice which is completed by the exporter and presented to the Consul of the country of import for stamping and signature
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    Conflicts of interest is a manifestation of the moral hazard problem, particularly when a financial institution provides multiple services and potentially competing interests of those services may lead to a
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    National no reciprocity means a state law that allows banks or bank holding companies from any other state in the nation to enter a p
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    Cash cows are businesses with a relatively high market share in low-growth markets or industries. Because of their strong competitive...
  • Society for Worlwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)
    Society for Worlwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a dedicated computer network providing funds transfer messages between member banks around the world.