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Cheque is a written order on a bank instrument for payment of a certain amount of money.

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  • Lodgement Instructions
    Lodgement Instructions is the written instructions from a customer which constitutes the bank’s authority to act in respect of collection of proceeds on customer’s behalf.
  • Perpetual inventory system
    It is a system of records maintained by the controlling department which reflects the physical movement of stock and their current balance.
  • Tier 1 Capital
    Tier 1 Capital refers to core capital consisting of Capital, Statutory Reserves, Revenue and other reserves, Capital Reserves (excluding
  • Serial Bonds
    Serial Bonds are bonds that mature at specified intervals.
  • Securities for Loans
    As the enormous funds at the disposal of bankers are utilized chiefly in financing industrial and commercial concerns, it is usual for them to...
  • Acquisitions of existing operations
    Firms frequently acquire other firms in foreign countries as a means of penetrating foreign markets.
  • Discount a Bill
    Discount a Bill is to discount a bill means to purchase a Bill of Exchange before it is due for payment for the amount estimated to be