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Cheque is a written order on a bank instrument for payment of a certain amount of money.

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  • Actuary
    Actuary is insurance company official, responsible for estimating future claims and disbursement and for calculating necessary fund and premium levels.
  • Dealing
    Dealing is the buying and selling of foreign currencies in the foreign exchange markets of the world.
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    International monetary system refers to the structure within which foreign exchange rates are determined, international trade and capital flows are ...
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    Bank can be classified or categorized in different ways. However, such categorization or classification of banks...
  • Off-Balance Sheet
    Off-Balance Sheet Includes all banking transactions that do not appear on the balance sheet of a bank as an asset or as a debt.
  • Superregional banks
    Superregional banks is the Bank holding companies similar in size to money center banks, but whose headquarters are not based in one of the money center cities (New York, Chicago, and San Francisco).
  • Equity Swap
    An equity swap involves the exchange of interest payments for payments linked to the degree of change in a stock index.