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Cheque is a written order on a bank instrument for payment of a certain amount of money.

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  • Clearing Union
    A clearing union can be defined as a multilateral payments arrangement that periodically offsets the debits and credits accumulated by each member ...
  • Liability management
    Liability management is the acquisition of funds at low cost to increase profits.
  • Open-End Lease
    Open-End Lease is often, referred to as a finance lease. A lease that may involve a balloon payment based on the value of the property when
  • Usance Draft
    Usance Draft is term draft, a written demand for payment which comes due at a specified future date.
  • Regression coefficient
    Regression coefficient— term measured by regression analysis to estimate the sensitivity of the dependent variable to a particular independent variable.
  • Irrevocable letter of credit
    Irrevocable letter of credit refers to a letter of credit issued by a bank that cannot be canceled or amended without the beneficiary’s approval.
  • Policy ineffectiveness proposition
    Policy ineffectiveness proposition is the conclusion from the new classical model that anticipated policy has no effect on output fluctuations.