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Cheque is a written order on a bank instrument for payment of a certain amount of money.

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  • Credit History
    Credit History is a record of how a person or company has borrowed and repaid debts.
  • Speculative risk
    Speculative risk is, when there is probability of profit or loss,but results in a loss.
  • Drawer
    Drawer is the individual or entity that issues or signs a draft instructing the drawee to pay a specified sum of money to, or to the order of, a
  • Representative Money
    Representative money alternatively called representative full-bodied money can be defined as the money that represent the commodity money to ...
  • Decision Tree (DT) Approach
    A decision tree shows the sequence of possible managerial decisions and their expected outcome under each set of circumstances or state of nature.
  • Forward Margin
    Forward Margin is the premium or discount on forward exchanges against spot exchanges.
  • Freight Forwarder
    Freight Forwarder is assembling and consolidates small shipments into a single lot and assumes, in some cases, full responsibility for