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Industry Banks

Industrial banks are engaged primarily in industry financing through medium and long-term loans to industrial projects. These banks also perform many activities of the commercial banks including taking deposits and opening letter of credit etc.

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  • Short-term
    Short-term with reference to a debt instrument, having maturity of one year or less.
  • Auditing and Control Personnel
    Keeping abreast of the inflow of revenues and the outflow of expenses from a bank and tracking changes in the bank’s financial position...
  • Pay-by-Phone Systems
    Pay-by-phone systems lets the user telephone his/her financial institution with instructions to pay certain bills or to transfer funds between accounts.
  • Eurocurrency market
    Eurocurrency market refers to the collection of banks that accept deposits and provide loans in large denominations and in a variety of currencies.
  • ALM
    Asset/ liability management (ALM) involves a set of techniques to create value and manage risks in a bank.
  • Liquidity Theory
    Liquidity means the capacity to produce cash on demand at a reasonable cost. A bank is considered to be liquid...
  • Revolving Letter of Credit
    Revolving Letter of Credit is a Letter of Credit in which the value of the Letter of Credit is automatically reinstated upon utilization. A Letter of