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Industry Banks

Industrial banks are engaged primarily in industry financing through medium and long-term loans to industrial projects. These banks also perform many activities of the commercial banks including taking deposits and opening letter of credit etc.

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  • Sensitivity analysis
    Change of sensitive subjects related with a firm's investment (cash flow, sell-value,sell-advice,demand of products,change of expenditure, etc.) will change Net Present Value(NPV),the technique to analysis that how much the NPV will change, is Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Advice of Fate
    Advice of Fate is a request for advice of status of payment/non payment of a Bill of Exchange.
  • Non commercial credit
    The loans that are distributed for the non-commercial purpose is called non-commercial credit.
  • Recourse
    Recourse is the right of a holder of a Bill of Exchange to demand payment from a person rather than the acceptor. Bills may be
  • Forfaiting
    Forfaiting is the purchase by the forfaiter of an exporter’s accounts receivable, which are based on negotiable instruments such as Bill of
  • Case of Need
    The drawer of a bill, and any endorser, may insert therein the name of a party to whom the holder may resort in case of need
  • Bond Warrant
    Bond Warrant is the document of title to goods being held in bond storage.