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Industry Banks

Industrial banks are engaged primarily in industry financing through medium and long-term loans to industrial projects. These banks also perform many activities of the commercial banks including taking deposits and opening letter of credit etc.

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  • Yield on a discount basis
    Yield on a discount basis is the measure of interest rates by which dealers in bill markets quote the interest rate on U.S. Treasury bills; formally defined in Equation.
  • Time deposits
    Time deposits is the interest-bearing accounts with stated maturities, which may carry penalties in the form of lost interest earnings or reduction of principal if early withdrawal occurs.
  • Stockholders
    Stockholders is the owners of a bank who hold one or more shares of common and/or preferred stock issued by their banking corporation and elect its board of directors.
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    Bid Rate is the exchange rate at which foreign exchange dealers are prepared to buy foreign exchange in the market from other dealers
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    Fair credit Billing Act is the law enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1974 that permits consumers to dispute alleged billing errors committed by
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    Yield curve is a plot of the interest rates for particular types of bonds with different terms to maturity.