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Industry Banks

Industrial banks are engaged primarily in industry financing through medium and long-term loans to industrial projects. These banks also perform many activities of the commercial banks including taking deposits and opening letter of credit etc.

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  • Counterparty Risk
    Counterparty risk is the potential exposure any individual firm bears that the second party to any financial contract will be unable to fulfill ...
  • Controlled disbursement accounts
    These checking accounts are debited early each day so corporations can get an early insight into their cash positions.
  • Capital Assets Pricing Model-CAPM
    The CAPM explains the behavior of security prices and provides a mechanism whereby investors could assess the impact of proposed security investment on their overall portfolio risk and returns.
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    Buy-back is a public company, which buys its own shares, by tender offer, in open market, or in a negotiated buy-back from a large block
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    Profit maximization means to increase profit of the firm.
  • Ask Price
    Ask Price means the price at which a dealer is willing to sell foreign exchange, securities or commodities. Also called “offer price.”
  • Basis Points
    Basis Point means one-hundredth (100) of one percentage point (i.e. 0.01%), normally used for indicating spreads or cost of finance.