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Nonlinear thinking

Nonlinear thinking is a decision style characterized by a person’s preference for internal sources of information and processing this information with internal insights, feelings, and hunches.

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  • Product –team structure
    Assigns functional managers and specialists to a new product, project, or process team that is empowered to make major decision about their product .
  • Cognitive component
    The cognitive component of an attitude refers to the beliefs, opinions, knowledge, or information held by a person-for instance, the belief that
  • Decruitment
    Reducing an organization’s workforce, is called decruitment.
  • Planning
    Planning is a function of management that involves defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities.
  • Strategic positioning
    The way a business is designed and positioned to serve target markets.
  • Agency Theory
    There is a separation of the owners (principals) and the managers (agents) of a firm, the potential exists for the wishes of the owners to be ignored. This fact and the recognition that agents are expensive, established the basis for a set of complex but helpful ideas.
  • Functional organization
    Functional organization is an attempt by management to provide expert technical supervision to operating employees by providing separate supervisors for each task.