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Strategic International HR Planning

Strategic international HR planning typically involves projecting global competence supply, forecasting global competence needs, and developing a blueprint to establish global competence pools within companies, so that the supply of global managers worldwide will be sufficient to meet with the MNC’s global strategies.

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  • HR surplus
    Skills surplus occurs when the internal workforce supply exceeds the organization’s requirement or demand for personnel.
  • Bumping or Layoff Procedures
    Bumping/Layoff Procedures– Detailed procedures that determine who will be laid off if no work is available; generally allow employees to use their seniority to remain on the job.
  • Termination
    Termination refers to separation from employment due to a voluntary resignation, layoff, retirement or dismissal.
  • On-call time
    On-call time used to define periods of time when an employee is off duty but is required to remain on or close to the company premises or to respond to a call or page
  • Career Management
    Career management is the process for enabling employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests and to use these skills and interests...
  • Job enlargement
    Job enlargement means assigning workers additional same-level activities.
  • Apprenticeship Training
    Apprenticeship training is a process by which people become skilled workers, usually through a combination of formal learning a long-term on-the job training.