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Test standardization

A technique used to validate questions in personality tests by studying the responses of people with known diagnoses, known as test standardization.

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  • Latency period
    According to Freud, the latency period between the phallic stage and puberty during which children’s sexual concerns are temporarily put aside.
  • Neuroscience perspective
    Neuroscience perspective means the approach that views behavior from the perspective of the brain, the nervous system and other
  • Unconscious wish fulfillment theory
    Sigmund Freud’s unconscious wish fulfillment theory that dreams represent unconscious wishes that dreamers desire to see fulfilled.
  • Exposure
    Exposure is a behavioral treatment for anxiety in which people are confronted, either suddenly or gradually, with a stimulus that they fear.
  • Intimacy-versus-isolation stages
    According to Erikson, a period during early adulthood that focuses on developing close relationships, is called intimacy-versus-isolation stages.
  • Spontaneous recovery
    Spontaneous recovery the reemergence of an extinguished conditioned response after a period of rest and with no further conditioning.
  • Punishment
    Punishment refers to a stimulus that decreases the probability that a previous behavior will occur again.