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unconscious - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'unconscious' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Unconscious [ a.]
- Not conscious; having no consciousness or power of mental perception; without cerebral appreciation; hence, not knowing or regarding; ignorant; as, an unconscious man.
- Not known or apprehended by consciousness; as, an unconscious cerebration.
- Having no knowledge by experience; -- followed by of; as, a mule unconscious of the yoke.

Meaning of 'unconscious' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . unconscious [ a]
Meaning (1):
- not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead
Example in sentence:
  • lay unconscious on the floor
2 . unconscious [ s]
Meaning (2):
- (followed by `of') not knowing or perceiving
Example in sentence:
  • happily unconscious of the new calamity at home