Adaptability Screening

Definition (1):

Adaptability screening ought to be a part of the expatriate screening process. It is often performed by a psychiatrist or psychologist. S/he aims to evaluate the assignees' (and spouse's) possible success in managing the foreign transfer and to make them alert on issues (like the effect on children) the transfer may involve.

Definition (2):

Adaptability screening is one of the popular approaches for assessing the suitability of an assignee’s family for a foreign or overseas assignment. This process appraises the way the family is going to face the stress and rigors of foreign life. The organization looks for certain matters in this screening, consisting of the closeness of the family bonding, how well it is able to handle stress, and how well it is able to adjust to a new climate and culture.

Definition (3):

Adaptability screening is often part of the process of expatriate screening. It aims to evaluate the possible success of the assignee in managing foreign transfers. In this case, the experience is sometimes can best assume future success.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The assignee and his spouse are going for adaptability screening.
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