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What Is a Business Strategy? Its Components & Stages with Example

What is Business Strategy?

Business Strategy is a strong instrument for achieving your company objectives by identifying the ideas and techniques you must employ inside your organization. Each strategy has to be adjustable, adaptable and grounded in the ongoing study. 

Understanding Business Strategy

This strategy is like a grand plan that senior management adopts in order to establish a strong position in the marketplace, continue activities, delight consumers, and accomplish the intended corporate goals.


A lot of critical components have to get into developing excellent business strategies:

  • Ambition for leading 
  • Heritage 
  • Role Of marketing Strategy 
  • Management Control 
  • Structures 
  • Assets


  1. Corporate: Corporate strategy is a long-term, intervention, coordinated, and detailed plan developed by senior leadership. The business strategy specifies what needs to be accomplished as well as how the company expects to do it. It establishes the purpose, ambition, and business goals for all.
  2. Business: It is a component strategy that varies depending on the business unit. It is created by management teams, who translate the core purpose into specific tactics. It's like a roadmap for the company's operations.
  3. Functional: Formulated by first-line top management, operational strategy entails practical informed decisions in distinct professional fields such as marketing, manufacturing, HRM, research and technology, financing, and so forth.

Practical Example

In comparison to Android and Windows, Apple distinguished its operating system iOS by creating a simple interface and premium yet elegant design. This has set it apart from other items. The corporation has used an identical commercial model as its business strategy.

In Sentences 

  • Creating a successful business strategy will provide the company and the staff motivation to push to operate at their peak and move the company to the next level. 
  • A business strategy must be reassessed on a regular basis in light of the current surrounding environments.
  • A business strategy enables one to properly distribute wealth for the company operations, resulting in increased efficiency.


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