Classic entrepreneur

Definition (1):

A classic entrepreneur is a person who identifies a business opportunity and allocates available resources to tap that market.

Definition (2):

This entrepreneur is one among the many different types of entrepreneurs such as business entrepreneur, corporate entrepreneur, industrial entrepreneur, agricultural entrepreneur, trading entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur, technical entrepreneur, non-technical entrepreneur, motivated entrepreneur, induced entrepreneur, first-generation entrepreneur, growth entrepreneur, modern entrepreneur, spontaneous entrepreneur, and innovating entrepreneur.

A classic entrepreneur identifies a need s/he believes s/he can address and concentrates on supporting her/himself through her/his venture of marketing the mentioned need. This person is a stereotypical entrepreneur prioritizing the survival of the business without emphasizing growth like a growth entrepreneur.

Definition (3):

“The inherent drive to start a business based on an original idea (invention or innovation) is the definition of a classic entrepreneur.” This entrepreneur can be divided into two subcategories of micropreneurs and macropreneurs or growth-entrepreneurs. Each of these two has different features along with their ultimate goals that they began a business depending on an original concept.




·         Based on an original concept.                

·         Based on an original concept.                

·         Begin small and plan to remain small.

·         Begin small and plan to grow.

·         Business depending on self-satisfaction and lifestyle.

·         Business depending on self-satisfaction and generating profit.


Mainly,   classic entrepreneurs are micropreneurs.                  

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