Customer interface

Definition (1):

The customer interface is a component of a business model that refers to the way in which a firm interacts with its customers. The type of customer interaction depends on how a firm chooses to compete. For example, sells books solely over the Internet, while Barnes & Noble sells through both its traditional book-stores and online.

Definition (2):

Customer interface refers to- “The services, system, or mechanisms that a business system uses to interface with the customers of a business system.”

As per experts, the core of CEM or customer experience management is communicating with customers as individuals. Communications through conventional channels like call center interactions and in-store purchases, sometimes, come to second place after the ubiquitous Tweet or Facebook likes because of the increasing trend toward socialization and online purchases.

It is crucial to be ahead of the fan pages of the products, user-developed content, positive and negative comments from referral websites, and other online data of the customers. Again, it is also crucial to develop a customer experience strategy incorporating all customer touchpoints. Generally, it involves the customer-facing employees’ impact. If your motive is optimizing customer interactions and nurturing customer loyalty, you should focus on proper customer interface as per your requirement.

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