Fulfillment and support

Definition (1):

Fulfillment and support explain how the products or services of a firm reach the market or how those reach the customers. It indicates the channels a company utilizes and the level of customer support it offers. All these facts affect the nature and shape of a firm’s business model.

Definition (2):

According to Gary Hamel, “fulfillment & support strategy is an element of customer interface, the third element in the business concept in the era of difficult.” Fulfillment and support strategy’s elements indicate the strategy of the company for entering the market, the way for reaching the customer, what sort of customer service to be offered, and the way the level of service to be provided.

Companies making revolutionary fulfillment and support strategies are,, Nokia, and provides a free search engine to customers and thus, has become a renowned phenomenon on the internet. Income earned from ads is outstanding. The company possesses cash of more than $8 billion and the market capitalization is more than $100 billion at the age of hardly 10 years.

Hotmail finally acquired by Microsoft and reached 230 million users in early May 2007 and serves the e-mails 100 million a day. Hotmail’s present strategy in email services depends on reliability, speed, easy integration, and ease of use with the internet and other communications services. 

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