Entrepreneurial intensity

Definition (1):

Entrepreneurial intensity refers to the position of a company on a conceptual sequence ranging from highly conservative to highly entrepreneurial.

Definition (2):

“The concept of entrepreneurial intensity (EI) is introduced to capture both the degree and amount of entrepreneurship evidenced within a given organization.” It is argued that degrees of EI are importantly related to the measures of company performance. Findings suggest important relationships among EI and 5 of 6 performance measures. These relationships are most powerful when more importance is given on the level versus the amount of entrepreneurship shown by a firm.

Organizations differ in terms of their ways of entrepreneurial. The idea of entrepreneurial orientation attempts to capture this difference by concentrating on the degree to which a firm is risk-taking, innovative, and proactive. Entrepreneurial orientation cannot completely capture how entrepreneurship is really emphasized in organizations because it considers only the level of entrepreneurship. For addressing this limitation, the idea of entrepreneurial intensity is introduced. Concentrating on the happening of entrepreneurial events within a firm, EI reflects how often the firm involves in such events (frequency) and how risky, innovative, and proactive these events are (level or degree).

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