EXW Shipping

What is EXW Shipping?

EXW Shipping is the shipment delivery service that abides by the EXW terms and conditions. EXW, or Ex Works, is an International Commercial Term (Incoterm) that denotes a global trade service agreement in which the salesperson has the products prepared for delivery from an assigned place and the purchaser is responsible for all the activities including carrier, export commitments, and all public transit.

Understanding EXW Shipping

EXW is a popular shipping contract. "Ex Works" entails that the supplier has supplied the items when he puts them at the purchaser's discretion at his premises or another stated location. In an Ex Works purchase agreement, the seller is not required to put the products onto any collection system or to prepare those goods for export, if such permission is required.


It is evident that buyers benefit from EXW since they merely cover the basic necessities regarding their responsibilities and expenditures. Buyers may profit from the EXW agreement as well. Because the purchasers bear the shipping expenses and obligations, they have full control over the shipping procedure, ensuring the items' safety. The shipping technique is advantageous for new instance transit. Buyers may also better predict expenses and prevent suppliers from asking for a greater delivery price.


One significant drawback of EXW to customers is border clearance. Sellers are obligated under the EXW rules to simplify the documentation for exporting approval. If the vendors' data is false, the buyers are still liable for the additional costs and complexity. If the items are selected for custom clearance inspection, the associated fees are still borne by the purchasers.

Practical Example

Blue Point Ltd. has set pricing of $4,000 for a pair of machines from the company, Rock Solid, including an ex-works delivery fee of $100. In order to cut costs, Blue Point locates a third transporter who would deliver the machines for $80. So, in order to save $20 on shipment, they make an ex-works agreement with firm Rock Solid.

In Sentences 

  • If a vendor doesn't get any export license, he will normally choose to use EXW shipping arrangements, and the customer will be obligated to pay for that.


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