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Evaluation and Feedback: Understanding Evaluation and Feedback with Example

What is Evaluation and Feedback?

Evaluation and Feedback, in business, refers to continuous assessment of employees throughout the business process to ensure that the expected performance and/or outcomes are being met.

Understanding Evaluation and Feedback

A manager examines an employee's behavior, recognizes qualities and flaws, provides feedback, and establishes targets for improving effectiveness through evaluation and feedback.

Setting quantifiable objectives and plans for each and every individual beforehand is the most important strategy to deliver evaluation and feedback. Employees gaining clear documented job titles will put them and their supervisors on the very same page about what each individual should do in his or her role. As a result, there are fewer misunderstandings. This allows a company to keep track of its people's improvements from time to time and make changes based on their performance.

Managers should Initiate their assessments with happy statements to minimize the effect of negative feedback on workplace morale. Informing the employees how they have excelled and how effectively they met their objectives is a good practice. After sharing the positive feedback, the manager can talk about how the employees can do better. 

Rather than labeling their flaws as screw-ups, showing them the issues that need to be addressed and looking for ways to improve is the right move. Giving feedback encourages people to improve their performance and productivity in the long run. 

Practical Example

Julie is a famous chef in Australia and she runs her own restaurant. Her chefs, cooks and staff are really fond of her because she is great in terms of leading. In her restaurant, she always follows a set of evaluations and feedback every six months. 

She sets objectives, assesses the employees according to that and gives a suggestion or feedback about how they can improve and encourage them readily. The way she manages everything, her restaurant is only making progress year after year. 

In Sentence

  • Evaluation and feedback in business are very essential as it provides employees with a glimpse of their performance and how they can improve. 
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