Functional Strategy

What is Functional Strategy?

Functional Strategy is a relatively brief new plan for a business's core functional area. It is the technique taken by a specialized area to meet organizational and technological unit goals and strategy through improving resource optimization. Functional strategies can also be a component of the entire corporate strategy or stand only with one functional department.

Understanding Functional Strategy

Each division or sector is given particular aims and outcomes that must be met in order to maintain a greater plan for the business. It is a strategy that identifies the broad activities that each department will pursue in order to help the business accomplish its competitive goals. 

Functional strategy aids in the establishment of priorities that direct the most efficient utilization of assets across various corporate activities. These strategies refer to the fact that technical and operational goals frequently need the participation of various business units, such as agencies, sections, and subdivisions. 

As a result, the strategic plan is separated into targets and responsibilities of each business function. This technique also directs and encourages cooperation across activities in order to improve the results.

Practical Example 

Functional strategies are also associated with production. ABC, a food and beverage firm, is working on a new product line. The production system of the company, ABC is responsible for the firm's whole manufacturing, comprising control systems, distribution, and associated services. The fundamental goal of the functional strategy, in this case, is to increase production efficiency while also lowering production costs.

In Sentences 

  • The functional strategy must be quantifiable for which you can track the performance and make necessary modifications.


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