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A greenhouse is a house-like structure made out of glass inside which crops are grown at a regulated temperature no matter how hot or cold the outside temperature may be. 

The glass walls of the structure act as a thermal insulator barrier so that the outside atmosphere cannot interfere with the one inside. 

The sun’s rays get in through the transparent glass walls and that heat up the atmosphere inside the house and since glass is a thermal insulator, the heat cannot escape once built up. 

Usually, the regions that see a monumental drop in temperature during the latter hours of the day greatly benefit from these glass-made houses. Since it’s majorly used for growing greens, it is a greenhouse. A greenhouse is also called a glasshouse since it is made of glass. 


For example, Michigan’s floriculture is booming and the use of greenhouses has let them grow a wider variety of flowers at a reduced cost. 

With greenhouses, they can regulate the atmosphere inside better no matter the atmosphere outside and that lets them more popular summer blossoms throughout the year.


Use the Term in Sentences:

  • The atmosphere inside the greenhouse must be kept moist; these plants need more water and ventilation than normal.
  • Greenhouses are becoming widely popular to ensure a steady productivity rate.


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