Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance plan provides lower rates in a group plan. And group plans usually accept all employees– including new, nonprobationary ones– regardless of health or physical condition.

Sometimes the employer pays 100% of the base premium, which usually provides life insurance equal to about 2 years' salary. The then pays for any additional coverage such as- accidental death and dismemberment coverage which provides a lump-sum benefit in addition to life insurance benefits when death is accidental. It also provides benefits in case of accidental loss of limbs or sight.

Group life insurance is a life insurance available to employees through their employer on a master policy, usually without a medical examination required.


Group Life Insurance provides lower rates for the employer or employee and includes all employees, including new employees, regardless of health or physical condition.

Group life insurance provided on a number of persons in a single master contract. Physical examinations are not required, and certificates of insurance are issued to members of the group as evidence of insurance.

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