Idea champion

Definition (1):

An idea champion is an individual, who actively and enthusiastically supports new ideas, builds support, overcomes resistance, and ensures that innovations are implemented.

Definition (2):

Sometimes, an idea champion is also called a change agent. S/he serves as an advocate for new ideas or procedures or technologies. Their effects can be very powerful, but the way they have and show their effects has been researched and studied comparatively little.

Howell and Higgins (1990b, 1990c) and Beath (1991) indicated organizations with several barriers to innovation. Mullins et al. (2008) found that the requirement to overcome organizational resistance has less importance in the emergence of champions than previously thought. Howell and Boies (2004) put little more light on the conditions for the emergence of champions. They discovered that individuals can connect it more strongly to initial involvement during a new innovation’s idea-generation stage.

Definition (3):

Organizations are not able to innovate. People are capable of doing so. But not all kinds of people can innovate. Only creative, committed, and conscious people can innovate. An idea champion’s main task is to help individuals usually go beyond business and form innovation as a mindset, not just as a program.


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