Definition 1

Imports are goods and services that a country buys from other countries to be resold inside the home country.

Example: This year’s imports are better than last year.

Definition 2

The foreign goods and services purchased by domestic consumers. These are mostly for personal use not for resale.

Example: Lina always imports her watches from the UK. 

Imports are goods or services which are produced in a foreign country and purchased domestically. Imports include money spent on vacations or purchases in foreign countries while on trips maybe. 

Definition 3

The action of bringing in abstract ideas (like beliefs and ideologies) from somewhere far away.

Example: Christianity was imported from the West into traditionally Shamanist Korea.

Definition 4

Transfer of any data into the device, file or soft document at hand from somewhere outside.

Example: How to import my contact list from my old phone again?

Definition 5

To express or indicate something can also be termed as imported.

Example: The newly adopted practices imported that he was willing to break the notorious old habits.

Definition 6

The underlying meaning of something that is not mentioned directly.

Example: The imports of the message were very unclear but I managed to get the jest of what was meant.


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