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Job Instruction Training (JIT)

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Job instruction training (JIT) refers to list each job’s basic tasks, along with the key points, in order to provide step-by-step training for employees. The steps in such a training sheet show trainees what to do, and the key points show how it’s to be done—and why.

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Job instruction training (JIT) is a kind of simple on the job training in which a new worker or employee is given step by step training by an assigned coworker or a manager. Generally, this type of training is for jobs needing manual skills like factory workers. These jobs need lower skills and so can be taught in an easy and simple step by step process. This training can be given on both a one on one basis and one to many. It can also be applied for training existing workers or employees about new technology.

The main advantage of Job instruction training (JIT) is that it is based on the practical workplace and real-time. Thus, the trainee watches the trainer doing the job as well as gains experience in doing the job under supervision. Another advantage is the reduced wastage and accidents because of proper training.

One disadvantage is that productivity is reduced during training because the trainers train the workers in the real workplace. Again the risks of accidents are often higher because the new workers may not possess sufficient knowledge about the machine or equipment they are performing on and the instructions of the instructor.

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