Job related interview

Definition (1):

Job related interview refers to a series of job-related questions that focus on relevant past job-related behaviors. The questions don’t consider actual or hypothetical scenarios or situations. Rather the interviewer asks employment-related questions.

Definition (2):

In a job-related interview, the interviewer asks applicants questions about relevant past experiences.

The job-related interviews include mock interviews, informational interviews, and exit interviews. These are briefly discussed below:

  • Mock Interviews: A mock interview gives a candidate an opportunity for practicing for an interview and receiving feedback. A candidate can do an informal mock interview with his friend or family member, but this interview with a counselor, university career office, or career coach will provide her/him with the best feedback.
  • Informational Interviews: This interview is used for collecting information about a career field, job, company, or industry. Here, the candidate is the interviewer and s/he finds people to speak with so s/he can learn more about a certain field.
  • Exit Interviews: This is a meeting between an employee who has been terminated or has resigned and the human resources department of the company. Companies perform these interviews to learn more about the job environment and receive job feedback. The employee may be asked why s/he left her/his job, why is s/he taking a new job, and what would s/he change about her/his job.
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