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Management Information System (MIS)

What is Management Information System (MIS)?

Management Information System (MIS) is a system designed to produce reports for managers and other professionals. It is a combination of computers and procedures for providing information that managers use in making decisions.

Understanding Management Information System

The field of management information systems (MIS) is the study of information and its impact on the individual, the organization, and society. Also, it is systems that create, process, store, and retrieve information.

Quite often, when we think about information systems we think of computers. Although computers are at the heart of today’s information systems, a number of important social, organizational, behavioral, and ethical issues also surround the study of information systems.

MIS is an organized approach to gathering data from inside and outside the company and (because of the volume involved) processing it by computer to produce current, accurate, and informative reports for all decision-makers.


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