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An organization consists of people with formally assigned roles who work together to achieve the organization’s goals.

Organization is the structured group of people working together to achieve common goals.

An organization is a group of two or more persons that exists and operates to achieve clearly stated, commonly held objectives. The objectives of an organization have to do with providing goods and services to its members or providing them to others outside the organization. To meet these objectives it is necessary for the members of an organization to work together — to become a cohesive unit.

To ensure the success of an organization a manager is needed. A manager can be the owner, operator, or founder (or all three) of an organization as well as someone hired by an organizationto give it a direction — to make decisions and commit its resources (personnel, capital, equipment) to achieve the organization's objectives. The manager is often a connecting link, a catalyst, and a driving force for change, coordination, and control in an organization.


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