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Organization marketing

Definition (1):

Organization marketing is the marketing strategy that influences consumers to accept the goals of, receive the services of, or contribute in some way to an organization.

Definition (2):

Organization marketing discipline prevails to develop, maintain, or alter the public opinion of an organization.

Definition (3):

Organization marketing sells a unique or distinct service or services delivered by a supported job or employment provider. Its focus is on services and customer satisfaction. Its customer is employers and job-seekers. Its outcome or result is increased network.

For instance, in South Africa, the Salvation Army did brilliant work regarding this form of marketing. Some years ago, a dress’s photo went viral which was an optical illusion. Individuals saw that dress in two forms: either black and blue or gold and white. During that time, the Salvation Army included a clever twist in that photo for raising awareness regarding domestic violence against women.

Traditionally, the primary focus of organization marketing was community employers. But with the change of time, the system also started to change and now it values empowerment and choice. So, the vision of this marketing also started to expand. Now, service providers also sell and market their services to people having significant disabilities.

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