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Payroll register

Definition (1):

A payroll register is a payroll record that accumulates the gross earnings, deductions, and net pay by an employee for each pay period.

Definition (2):

“A payroll register is the record for a pay period that lists employee hours worked, gross pay, net pay, deductions, and payroll date.” It can be said in another way, it is the document recording all details regarding the payroll of employees during a period. It can be simply thought of as a summary of all payroll activities during a period.

Definition (3):

A payroll register refers to a report summarizing payroll information. It is an electronic spreadsheet or a hard copy listing crucial employee payroll information for certain payroll periods.

Generally, this register begins with details about every employee including their name, birthdate, social security number, and employee number. Then it exhibits the payroll details for every employee beginning with the hours worked in the running period. As most organizations have hourly employees, generally the hours are divided between regular working hours and overtime working hours. The working hours are added and multiplied by the wage rate of the employee to have the gross pay for a specific period.

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