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What Is Principal Curtailment? Understanding Principal Curtailment with Example

What is Principal Curtailment?

The practice of allocating cash to lower the current due principal amount of the first new mortgage is known as Principal Curtailment. The mortgage of the owner is not altered, and the loan duration and rate of interest stay the same. It merely reduces the existing loan amount and the volume of instalments the owner must make.

Understanding Principal Curtailment

To use this curtailment, the mortgage loan has to be outstanding. When sending in a principal limitation, always include detailed guidance and it should be used to the principal amount of the mortgage.

Lenders and Curtailment

Many mortgage companies additionally restrict the amount of principle that can be paid to a loan together in a single purchase. Creditors also usually do not mean getting to execute principal curtailment amounts which meet or exceed the total sum of the mortgage.


Principal curtailment is a risk for either the institution that makes the new mortgage or the client who owns a home loan product. For one thing, premature loan payoffs might reduce an individual's income from loan security. 

When consumers use principal restriction, mortgage lenders can have more earnings of interest income. Nevertheless, some mortgage customers do not employ principal curtailment repayments since they need money in addition to their specified down payment amounts.

Practical Example

You can use principal curtailment by making one or more unscheduled cash payments towards the debt, or by making additional scheduled payments every month or even a year. For instance, you can pay $500 further towards your home each month, make annual lump sum payments of $900 or maybe more, or make just one payment of $45,000 to minimize the debt total.

In Sentences

  • Many mortgage lenders simply apply principal curtailment amounts to customers' balance sheets yearly, generally after each year.
  • While principal curtailment decreases overall interest charged and the duration of the repayment period, it does not cut your monthly premium.
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