Rain Check

Definition 1

Rain Checks are basically a kind of commitment to buyers who couldn't avail of the sale price of a product because it was out of stock so the seller gives his/her commitment to the buyer who can buy that product later at sale price by showing the rain check. This type of promise or commitment comes in a written form so that the buyer can show it when he/she will purchase his/her desired item at a discounted price.

In most cases, these are commonly used by the retailers to gain a competitive advantage because in that way the buyers or customers will not go to the competitors to buy that product and also it builds a good relationship between the buyer and the seller. 

Definition 2

Rain checks are free tickets given to the spectators at an outdoor event that has been interrupted or cut short because of rain or bad weather conditions. Bad light often stops play in various outdoor sporting events so the ticket sellers can offer the security that the buyers will get another ticket for free of the postponed event.

For example, A store named Shoppers to Pick is giving a huge discount on the trending black Friday sale. It is offering up to 60% sales on its makeup items and a few skincare products. As the sale is going on, there is a good number of customers who would rush to avail this lucrative offer but there are few customers who couldn't get their desired product because it was out of stock. 

Ria wants to buy a mascara that would cost her $8 on sale price but the real price is $11. But unfortunately, by the time she arrived at the store, the item went out of stock. Now, she is requesting the seller to give her a rain check so that she can purchase it when the product is restocked. Then the seller gives the commitment that Ria can buy that product later at a discounted price.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • The term "Rain Check” is commonly used by retailers to offer their buyers some advantage to buy a product at a discounted price later if that particular item is out of stock.
  • Rain checks are used in the sports industry to offer the viewers an opportunity to use the ticket later if any unexpected situation occurs in the middle of the game.


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