Saving is the portion of income which is not spent on consumption. Saving can be undertaken by individuals and households, by businesses, or by governments.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Saving
- Preserving; rescuing.
- Avoiding unnecessary expense or waste; frugal; not lavish or wasteful; economical; as, a saving cook.
- Bringing back in returns or in receipts the sum expended; incurring no loss, though not gainful; as, a saving bargain; the ship has made a saving voyage.
- Making reservation or exception; as, a saving clause.
2. Saving
- Something kept from being expended or lost; that which is saved or laid up; as, the savings of years of economy.
- Exception; reservation.
3. Saving
- of Save
4. Saving
- With the exception of; except; excepting; also, without disrespect to.
Category: Economics
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