Single-use plan

Definition (1):

A single-use plan is a one-time plan specifically designed to meet the needs of a unique situation.

For instance, when Wal-Mart decided to expand the number of its stores in Chine, top-level executives formulated a single-use plan as a guide.

Definition (2):

A single-use plan is designed for solving a specific problem and then it is discarded. It becomes obsolete after its specific and planned use. It is also called a specific plan. It is applied for one-time, nonrecurring situations in a business.

Definition (3):

A single-use plan means a set of functions aimed at attaining a particular goal within a specific budget and period of time that is not likely to be repeated in the coming future.

An example of this plan can be a business’s advertising campaign for the launch of a new product. Another example can be a recent acquisition’s integration plan. Other examples can be programs, project reports, budgets, etc. Each of these plans provides a different level of detail and comprehensiveness. Programs are the most detailed and comprehensive ones, projects’ scopes are narrower, and sometimes, are undertaken as a program’s part, and budgets are prepared for supporting programs or projects.

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