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Skills Inventory

Definition (1):

A skills inventory is an individualized personnel record held on each employee except those currently in management or professional positions.

Typically, a skills inventory contains information for each individual on the following areas:

(1) personal information (e.g., name, employee number, job classification, and compensation band, emergency notification, and telephone number);

(2) education, training, and skill competencies (e.g., certificated, licenses, and diplomas or degrees completed, including the area of specialization, dates of attendance, and names of the institutions attended);

(3) work history(e.g., date of hire, seniority, current job and supervisor, and previous jobs held in the organization and the dates associated with them);

(4) performance appraisals (i.e., a numerical score of the employee’s history of performance in jobs in the organization);

(5) career information (e.g., future jobs desired by an employee and those recommended by supervisors); and

(6) hobbies and interests (including community and volunteer associations).

Definition (2):

“A skills inventory is a compilation of the skills, education, and experiences of current employees.”

Companies utilize these inventories for assessing whether the present employees are able to meet the goals of these companies. Understanding the combination of present talents/skills and future skill needs, help the companies in their efforts for strategic planning.

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