Stated goals

Definition (1):

Stated goals mean- “Official statements of what an organization says, and what it wants its stakeholders to believe, its goals are.” However, these goals which can be found in an organization’s charter, annual report, or public relations announcements or in public statements made by managers-are often conflicting and influenced by what various stakeholders think an organization should do.

Definition (2):

Stated goals are what the company states to the public as the official mission.

Stated goals are expressed objectives, found in an organization’s yearly report, sanction, advertising declarations, and in public explanations made by managers. These goals are constantly clashing and influenced by what various partners think an organization should do. Successful organizations rely upon the two destinations and objectives, as they discuss or explain the cause for the business and assist identify fundamental functions. Goals are common explanations of the desired achievement, while targets are the specific moves or advances you perform for arriving at the objective. The two targets and objectives should be quantifiable and explicit. Objectives can involve territories such as development, client support, and benefit, with the targets’ scope that can be optimized for meeting those objectives.

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