Steering Committee

A Steering Committee is a type of special committee made up of Senior Executives which helps to steer the project by approving things that need to be done. It removes roadblocks and helps with anything that needs ensuring so that the project does not exceed the time limit, scope and budget

The steering committee works as an advisory body within a project with their expertise in various aspects of a project such as management, direction, budget, time, scope, methods etc. The committee is responsible for steering the projects to completion.

Roles of a Steering Committee

Steering committees are distinct in the sense that they pull through with fulfilling the roles listed below -

  • Making necessary decisions
    • Advocating and advising
    • Making strategic plans
    • Giving advice and direct inputs related to the project
    • Setting the project goals and scopes
    • Developing strategy
    • Providing expert inputs 
    • Developing governance and policies
  • Resolving escalated issues
    • Resolving conflicts among all the stakeholders
    • Solving problems
  • Approving and monitoring
    • Adjusting the project plans according to the progress
    • Selecting the core management team for the project
    • Constantly monitoring the progress of a project
  • Receiving status updates
    • Identify, monitor, remove the risk associated with the project and business
    • Monitoring progress 
    • Making necessary adjustments 


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • By keeping all aspects of a project well on track, the steering committee can greatly increase the overall value of the project as well as the business.
  • Providing more accurate data of an ongoing project to the steering committee can greatly enhance the total output.


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