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What Is Share Certificate? Understanding Share Certificate with Example

What is Share Certificate?

A Share Certificate or a Stock Certificate is a written legal document of a corporation's shareholdings. It might be a digital or virtual document that is delivered to a stakeholder and stamped on behalf of a company. This is seen as legal confirmation that you possess a specific amount of stock holdings. 

It validates certified company shares of a particular amount of stocks from now to the issuance period and also serves as stock purchase receipts. A share certificate, on the other hand, just includes information on the owner and the number of shares he possesses; it does not include the stock actually.

Understanding Share Certificate

The corporate official prepares and issues share certificates. This is accomplished by the following items:

  1. Number of share documentations 
  2. Transferred shares 
  3. Shareholder information

The main disadvantage, according to the firm, is a lack of effort and cash. Issuing printed company shares are time-consuming and expensive. In reality, most organizations require a full longstanding commitment just to the management of the shares certificate process. Managing a stocks certification process entails a great amount of boring paperwork. Furthermore, membership is hard to track since owners might transfer licenses to others without alerting the organization. Finally, if a lender's paper certification is reported stolen, it creates a significant amount of labour for the firm. In particular, the company must locate the old stocks, authenticate ownership, place an "end" on the paper’s licenses, and afterwards issue fresh papers certificates. 

Main Components of Share Certificate

A share certificate's main information comprises: 

  • The name of the business
  • identification number
  • Shareholders information
  • Total number of shares acquired
  • Share Classification
  • Stock issuance date
  • The amount paid on the stocks

Practical Example

An investor buys 200 shares of a corporation. She may decide to sell 30 units to the next buyer one month later. She could wish to acquire 50 additional shares with the same firm a couple of weeks later. All aspects of this change in leadership have to be documented for audit reasons.

In Sentences

  • A share certificate serves as required paperwork of stock acquisition as well as the company's right to rewards.


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