Subject Line

Subject Line refers to the section in the e-mail headers where the sender can very briefly describe the aim of the e-mail contents before sending it off to the recipient(s). 

This line help notify the recipient quickly and instantly so that s/he can decide to open and dive into the entirety of the content as per their own convenience. It needs to be very precise and to the point or else it may not get the importance it deserves.

Leaving this section blank is one of the biggest mistakes people make that has their all-important emails landing straight in the trash or spam folder.

Marketers often target this line to draw or trick the recipients into opening their promotional emails. This line is usually placed after the section to put in the recipient’s email address and right above the main body of the email.

For example, if a promising candidate emails his/her CV for a position and does not state for which post s/he is dropping the CV, the employer may just skip that email no matter how promising the candidate may be.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • Subject lines are by far the most important parts of emails.
  • Most people sort their emails based on the content of their subject lines.
  • Without a well-directed subject line, it is hard to make sure the recipient receives the email with due diligence.


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